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Please take a few minutes to look through the pages of my site. I have been posting blog articles since 2010 on a variety of subjects, including Civil Rights, poetry, autobiographical sketches, financial planning, book and drama reviews, and commentary. A little of everything, in other words, for the active imagination. If you'd like to get in touch and share your thoughts about my blog, my books or something else, I invite you to send me a quick note from the Contact page.

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Lazarus of Bethany Raised from the Dead – An Exclusive First Interview

Several days ago, The Bethany Bugle Dispatch posted an obituary for a man known as Lazarus of Bethany. When word reached us the man had been raised from the dead by itinerant teacher and holy man, Jesus of Nazareth, we investigated. Our reporter found Lazarus resting in his home with no apparent ill effects of being absent from this life for more than four days Dispatch: What a fortunate fellow you are. Lazarus:  Well, yes. Perhaps.  Dispatch: You have certainly been the center of attention. We feel fortunate to have access to you for this interview. Tell us, what has…

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Community Theater – Businessman in a Strange Land

#communitytheater #littletheater #amateurtheter Executive producer! That’s my title. Acquired by default, I hasten to add. A little over three years ago, a theater buddy and I decided to start an amateur theater company. I was retired, had time on my…

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Birthday Party at Age Eighty – Nothing in the World Like It.

#aging #elderly @octogenarian Eighty! Eight-Zero, brother. Now that’s old. Old as dirt  I remember a television program that was on  in the 1950s called, “Life Begins at Eighty.” It featured a panel white haired octogenarians so perky that the audience…

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