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John J Hohn
Author, Actor, Poet

Welcome to John J

Please take a few minutes to look through the pages of my site. I have been posting blog articles since 2010 on a variety of subjects, including Civil Rights, poetry, autobiographical sketches, financial planning, book and drama reviews, and commentary. A little of everything, in other words, for the active imagination. If you'd like to get in touch and share your thoughts about my blog, my books or something else, I invite you to send me a quick note from the Contact page.

Enjoy your stay, and come back soon.

Author of Breached and Deadly Portfolio


From the Blog

Thanksgiving – So Many Reasons to be Grateful

I wrote the following in May, 2012, a few days after my first heart surgery. The piece has been buried in my computer files ever since. I came across it almost by accident. I was 73 years old when I composed it. It speaks as completely for me today as it did then, eight years ago. I slept late this morning and then took Jessie for our usual walk down to the Cape Fear River and the Southport Harbor. So peaceful. The mockingbirds were carrying on as only they can. Mourning doves cooed in the distance. I was overcome with…

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Lazarus of Bethany Raised from the Dead – An Exclusive First Interview

Several days ago, The Bethany Bugle Dispatch posted an obituary for a man known as Lazarus of Bethany. When word reached us the man had been raised from the dead by itinerant teacher and holy man, Jesus of Nazareth, we…

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Community Theater – Businessman in a Strange Land

#communitytheater #littletheater #amateurtheter Executive producer! That’s my title. Acquired by default, I hasten to add. A little over three years ago, a theater buddy and I decided to start an amateur theater company. I was retired, had time on my…

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