Thanks for your Patience. Internet Service to be Installed July 17, 2012

John J. Hohn, Author

My wife and I decided to move out of our summer cottage that is located in a rural northwestern North Carolina—Blue Ridge Country. One downside to the move is that I have not had Internet service in my home since the middle of May. I have attempted to keep posting to my web site using wifi services at the local library. My efforts have not worked out. It takes up to four hours to post an article, create the links to other related sites, insert the graphics, etc. It simply takes too long when I am accessing someone else’s service. The laptop keyboard is too confining and I find my error rate—never among the best—shot up resulting in more time lost.


Service to be Installed July 17, 2012


With apologies to my faithful visitors, I am pleased to announce that Internet service will be established in our new home on July 17. Thank you for your patience.