Revised Priorities Dictate a Change in Format for this Web Site.

John J. Hohn, Author

I started this web site nearly two years ago. During that time, I have posted 109 different articles on a variety of subjects. The web site has built up of a following of approximately 450 visits on a rolling 30 day period with nearly 70% of those visiting the site doing so for the first time. My hope in launching the site was that it would attract readers who would also be interested in my novel, Deadly Portfolio: A Killing in Hedge Funds. Sales of my novel have been increasing steadily. I had my best month ever in March, 2013. The problem, however, remains that the number of visits and the volume of sales do not correlate. The web site has failed to generate sales at a rate that justifies continuing it in its present format. I need to evaluate my priorities as a result.

For nearly a year, I have been working on a sequel to Deadly Portfolio: A Killing in Hedge funds. Detective James Raker became a favorite with readers, and he is also featured in the sequel. I am eager to complete it and submit it into my publisher. If I want to reach my goal and get the sequel published, I cannot afford as much time as I have spent over the past two years writing for the web site.

Abandoning the web site is tantamount to turning my back on all the hard work that has gone into creating it and keeping it alive and a going concern. I want to continue writing articles for it, perhaps one a week going forward. The articles will be much shorter in length. Most will be less than 500 words. I will also be posting articles on other web sites with much larger followings in the markets that are give my book better exposure.  Sherrie Wikolaski’s Thriller Ink, for example, generates more traffic to my blog than any other source.  I expect to post an article on a monthly basis on Thriller Ink. Articles will also be posted on other literary sites as well. I will post links to my articles on my web site as well as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so that those who want to follow my work as they have on my web site will find where my work is being published.

I want to thank all those who have followed my postings and for the many encouraging and supporting remarks that I have received. I hope that none will be disappointed in this change of direction. Maybe shorter articles will be more appealing and attract more followers than the longer pieces. At this point, I simply need to try a different approach and monitor the results. Hopefully, it will be a change for the better for all concerned. I will certainly continue to monitor the results and remain poised to  make future changes whenever they seem necessary. My aim all along has been to become a recognized writer of quality fiction, and I appreciate all of the support that others have given me in my efforts to realize that goal.