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Please take a few minutes to look through the pages of my site. I have been posting blog articles since 2010 on a variety of subjects, including Civil Rights, poetry, autobiographical sketches, financial planning, book and drama reviews, and commentary. A little of everything, in other words, for the active imagination. If you'd like to get in touch and share your thoughts about my blog, my books or something else, I invite you to send me a quick note from the Contact page.

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Atheism: Arriving the Long Way Takes a Lifetime

Dick McKenna’s had lost his faith. All the guys were talking about it. He’d even been to the rectory to talk to Fr. Jerry. Kids in eighth grade didn’t lose their faith. Not at Sacred Heart Elementary School, where Benedictine nuns taught. Yet Dick had lost his, and at the time, I was sure his terrible fall from grace would show up on his face or somehow in the way he looked. It didn’t. The nuns taught us that losing the faith, atheism, was the worst of all possible tragedies. It meant going to hell for the unforgivable sin against…

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Lost Cell Phone and Covid-19 Too

First thing every morning, I connect my cell phone to the charger. Sunday, as my wife and I were about to leave for our weekly drive around the county, I couldn’t find it. No matter. It would show up somehow.…

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Gerontologists: Creativity Increases with Age

Gerontologists say that creativity does not decline with the advance age. Oldsters have more life experience to call upon in solving problems or taking on a new venture. The only diminished mental faculty most of my 70+ friends notice is…

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